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Why choose television marketing?     Why choose CSA to market your product on television?

QVC shopping channel as a medium for a new product marketing launch is second to none in television marketing. As new product ideas and a product concept are developed, the challenge remains in getting these ideas to the retail market. CSA is the answer!

For more than a decade, CSA has successfully marketed innumerable products on QVC shopping channel. CSA has built a history of television marketing through the QVC shopping channel for almost 20 years. Our success at new product marketing of new product ideas has distinguished us in the electronic retail market.

QVC shopping channel has been the source of all types of products marketed by CSA. New product marketing ranging from household and kitchen appliances, innovative bedding concepts, tools, electronics, tailgating items, problem solvers and automotive aftermarket items to bake ware and assisted living devices are examples of just a few. Our success in promoting a finished good derived from a new product concept or new product ideas through the QVC shopping channel is unprecedented!

New product marketing through the QVC shopping channel is the number one source for television marketing! Product marketing of new product ideas is never easy, much less in the television marketing arena. A great product concept can die without ever getting to the market. At CSA we can help to avoid this in many instances.

QVC shopping channel for new product marketing is a great way to rapidly brand finished new product ideas. In the past two years, CSA has marketed four of the ten best selling items on major home shopping channels. Our major clients have experienced sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars over the years CSA has represented them. From a product concept to money in the bank, CSA is the source for successful television marketing!